Who's Who?

Meet the leaders of Liberti Church.

Meet the Leaders at Liberti Church

A warm hello from the leadership team at Liberti Church!

All of our leaders are Covenant Members of our church and are committed to the life of our community, walking closely with the Lord.

Our leadership is made up of our Elders (Neil Forsythe & Ryan Mason). We also have Ministry Teams (Worship Leaders, Gospel Community Leaders, Kids Church Leaders, Creche Leaders, & Hospitality Leaders) who help serve the life of our Church and the needs of our neighbourhood.

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The Elders

Neil Forsythe - Lead Pastor & Elder

Neil is the lead Pastor & Elder at Liberti Church Lark Lane. Neil led the Lark Lane Gospel Community of Cornerstone Church Liverpool from 2015-17, which became the planting of Liberti Church. Neil has led the church plant team since the beginning, soft launching in 2017 and publicly launching in 2018. Before Liberti Church was launched, Neil served as an elder at Cornerstone Church Liverpool. He now serves as a paid member of staff. Neil is married to Elisabeth and has two children, Ruthie and Micah.

Ryan Mason - Elder

Ryan is the first Elder to be installed at Liberti Church after Neil. Before joining us at Liberti, Ryan was a member and Elder at Cornerstone Church Liverpool, and joined Liberti and became an Elder here in 2020. Ryan is married to his wife Georgina.

Gospel Community Leaders

Throughout the week we meet in homes across the Lark Lane, Aigburth, and Dingle areas in 'Gospel Communities' where we share food, pray with each other, study the Bible and grow deeper in our knowledge and love for God as one family.

We currently have three Gospel Communities throughout the area, each led by...

Neil & Elisabeth Forsythe

Ryan & Georgina Mason

Jonny & Lottie Swales

To read more about what Gospel Communities are and about how you can get involved in a Gospel Community, please visit the link below!

Ministry Teams

Our Ministry Teams are those who volunteer to make the life of our Church happen.

Those teams are:

  • Worship Leaders
  • Kids Church Leaders
  • Creche Leaders
  • Hospitality Leaders

Want to get involved and join one of these teams? Let us know below!